Smart Car

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Smart Car

Location: Bloomfield Township, MI
Square Footage: 20,000

U.S.G.B.C. LEED-Silver Certified First Leed Certified building in Bloomfield Township Renovation of former dealership designed for dual purpose – Smart Car’s First Smart Car dealership, used as a prototype for all future Smart Car dealerships and as a world headquarters for North America.

Building made with recycled and sustainable materials. Energy efficient mechanical, electrical, heating and plumbing. Sustainable Project Highlights include: The building’s aging roofing system was updated with the addition of insulation to increase energy efficiency as well as installing a roofing material with high solar reflectance value to minimize thermal gradient difference, thus reducing heat gain around the building’s mechanical equipment to optimize performance.

The building is also constructed to use 40% less water than similar structures that maintain the same occupancy through low flow fixtures, sensors, and waterless urinals. The building landscaping is drought resistant and will not require a permanent irrigation system beyond initial watering. The building also conserves water usage for landscaping by utilizing an underground tank that collects reclaimed water from roof drainage for plant irrigation.

Prior to commencement of interior renovation, the general contractor created a construction Indoor Quality Management plan to be followed by all contractors and documented during the construction process. Over 80% of Construction waste was diverted from landfills by utilizing haulers and waste management resources that recycles waste. The project used more than 47% by cost of its materials from regional resources to reduce energy usage and pollution inherent in the transportation of materials in addition to supporting local and regional economies.

In addition, more than 20% by cost of all materials have a recycled content of post consumer and pre-consumer. And 93% of all new wood based products used for this project are certified by Forest Stewardship Council. 100% of the building’s electricity usage was purchased from renewable resources through a (2) year renewable contract and 90% of all equipment and appliances are energy star compliant to reduce power demand.

In order to improve indoor air quality, all paints, carpet systems, adhesives and sealants, composite wood and Agrifiber products have been specified to be low-VOC.

There is currently an ongoing permanent recycling program implemented among employees to recycle paper, metal, cardboard and plastics. Bike racks and preferred carpool parking has also been provided to encourage energy conservation. Both the showroom and headquarters are designated as a smoke-free environment.