Pine Lake

The Pine Lake House takes modern, lake living to the next level, while delivering natural light to every level of the home through the ingenious use of glass. Situated regally on one of Michigan’s premier, private lakes, it is the ultimate example of an exciting place to live and entertain on the waterfront.

 With this house we said let there be light. A large, central skylight above and a glass floor on the main level allow light to cascade throughout the home in the most wonderful ways.
– Lou DesRosiers, Principal Architect

Designed specifically for the site, the house features ideal, unimpeded lake and sunset views, which are enhanced by the extensive use of butted glass. Crafted both inside and out with Fond du Lac Limestone, Indiana Buff Limestone, as well as walnut and other rich woods, it’s so much more than a home – it’s a museum, a library, a spa and a respite from the expected. The finest materials were selected in every instance.

Beyond the textures and tactile elements, the house is replete with amenities. From hidden doors to multiple kitchens, library, spa, an indoor/outdoor pool with water that falls from the ceiling and NanaWall glass doors that fold completely away, it is full of wonderful surprises. Inherently livable, it’s a modern house way ahead of its time that has become a classic.

Minster Interior 1-069-fused-dc3b
Minster Living Room 1-045-fused-dc5
Minster Dining Room 1-035-fused-dc2
Minster Kitchen 2-041-fused-dc2
Minster Kitchen 1-020-fused-dc3
Minster Master Bath 1-061-fused-dc3
Minster Master Closet 1-003-fused-dc2
Minster Master Bath 2-024-fused-dc3
Minster Stairs 2-001-fused-dc2
Minster Floor Window-013-dc3
Minster Pool 1-014-fused-dc2
Minster Pool 2-033-fused-dc3
Minster Lower Level 1-013-fused-dc3

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