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DesRosiers Architects was founded in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan by third-generation architect Louis DesRosiers with a vision for a full-service architectural firm dedicated to designing the finest custom homes available. The firm has created residences of distinction that seamlessly integrate into the natural environments around them for nearly 50 years, and architects from the DesRosiers family have been designing award-winning structures for more than a century.


The Stone Chapel at Saint Hugo of the Hills Catholic Church opens in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Designed by Arthur DesRosiers, it was named “one of the hundred distinguished buildings in the United States” by the American Institute of Architects in 1937.


Louis DesRosiers, Arthur’s son and protégé, builds his own home at the age of 28. To maximize learning on the site, he performed many trades himself.


DesRosiers Architects is founded by licensed architect Lou DesRosiers in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.


The firm was awarded its first significant commission. Lou designs a large, modern home in Franklin, Michigan for an entrepreneur.


The design of this five-level Glen Arbor, Michigan home signaled the first of a new genre for the firm. It has been heralded as a 21st century version of the New England shingle style that debuted in the late 1870s.


The firm is contracted to redesign founder Lou DesRosiers’ childhood home, which was notably designed by his father Arthur DesRosiers originally.


To best utilize an expansive peninsula lot, the entire house was designed on an enormous radius to give every room a different angle on the 270-degree view. The home also features the longest privately-owned swimming pool in Michigan.


The team at DesRosiers Architects designs a home for an out of state client, a Big Three automotive executive, for the first time in Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia.


The first DesRosiers design to feature both indoor and outdoor pools is built. The house, which was highlighted on HGTV, also includes an authentic Cunningham’s drug store soda fountain, as well as a helicopter pad and penthouse suite with rooftop patio.


With a build site high on a bluff above a lake, the design of this house required the development of a unique solution. A commercial elevator serves every level of the home and spans 45 feet above ground and 30 feet below the surface. At its lowest point, you exit into a tunnel that extends 90 feet out to the lakeshore.


The turn of the century proved to be a natural pivot point to a new style that would become a DesRosiers Architects trademark. The design of this home, featuring expansive, butted glass, as well as large horizontal bands of wood and stone, represents a seminal moment in the history of the firm.


In a collaborative partnership,DesRosiers Architects acquired and renovated their longtime Woodward Avenue office. Now owned by Lou's son Glenn, the building's modern design features a brick and limestone exterior and a glass curtain wall that cascades natural light into the marble and wood interior.


The firm’s first foray in Colorado comes to life in Aspen. Contracted when the house was already under construction, the design was changed completely to convert the residence into a sleek modern style, both inside and out.


With a client who was unafraid to do something out of the ordinary, this home features our first grand rotunda of phenomenal scale. This particular rotunda design includes a circular book balcony accessible by a spiral staircase.


Lou DesRosiers designs his dream home on Good Harbor Bay in Leland, Michigan on the shores of Lake Michigan. Crafted with wood and stone native to the region, the house is a modern classic.


Although DesRosiers Architects designed the entire magnificent residence, it was the garage that that took top honors. Named the Continent’s Top Garage on HGTV’s Dream Home Garages, this space for cars dominated the headlines.


The first DesRosiers home designed with this particular exciting surprise. The great room on the main level features a glass floor that provides a unique perspective on the indoor swimming pool directly below.


Beverly Hills is the site of the first DesRosiers Architects design in California. Featuring what is one of the best vantage points available of the Los Angeles basin and the ocean beyond. Butted glass provides an uninterrupted view greater than 180-degrees. This special home also includes a grand rotunda, inspired by Greek ruins, that is half indoors and half outdoors.


This Cass Lake French Renaissance home, located on the largest lake in Oakland County, Michigan, the site featured so much lake frontage that we could truly design without inhibition. With the ability to stretch our imaginations, the final plans allowed every room in the home to have a unique lake view.


Telluride, Colorado is home to the DesRosiers design at the highest elevation of 10,000 feet above sea level. Set into the earth and nestled into the mountains, this house is at one with nature. Extensive use of butted glass delivers what may be the most dramatic view of any structure we’ve ever designed.


The culmination of the style that began in 2000 and has since become synonymous with the firm, this Lake Angelus home features the largest knife-edge pool we’ve designed to date. Trademark views extend to 270-degrees and follow the sun throughout the day.


One of our most recent efforts, this Forest Lake home was designed around a significant cultural artifact from the city of Detroit. One of the original elevators from the world famous J.L. Hudson department store has been painstakingly restored and is fully functional inside the home. What appears to be a large chimney on the roof is actually the elevator machine room, complete with the original equipment.


Our newest effort is under construction now on the shores of Lake Michigan. Part of the prestigious Bay Harbor community, this house represents a completely different style of architecture for the firm. A truly modern and cutting-edge design, it features an arced roof and museum-quality appointments.

We collaborate with you to bring remarkable architecture to life. From the most classic, traditional residences to modern and everything in between, our designs transcend singular styles. No matter the inspiration, we approach each project with a fresh perspective. We bring to life the vision that best fits each client’s goals and individual lifestyle.

Our work can be found in breathtaking, often waterfront, locations in Michigan and throughout the Great Lakes region, as well as scenic destinations across the nation, most notably Beverly Hills, California, Jupiter, Florida, Aspen and Telluride, Colorado. The firm has designed homes for titans of the automotive industry, professional musicians and athletes, as well as global business leaders.

Our projects have been featured in or on HGTV, Fox 2 Detroit, The Wall Street Journal, The Detroit News, The Detroit Free Press, Architect Magazine, Florida Design, Detroit Home Magazine, Worth Magazine and many more. Additionally, we have received hundreds of awards and recognition, and the firm holds the record for most Detroit Home Design Awards won.

The philosophy of the firm is to design structures that are refined, awe-inspiring and timeless. We believe in continually embracing the latest techniques, cutting-edge technologies and the finest materials known to man to produce work that is simply stunning.

Lou DesRosiers, President

Lou DesRosiers was destined to be an architect. His grandfather and father were prominent practitioners of the craft, and they left legendary footsteps for him to follow. Lou’s father, Arthur DesRosiers, was a noted architect who designed and created many high profile projects including St. Hugo of the Hills Church in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Raised by his father and nurtured in and around architecture, Lou immersed himself in the field. After earning his Bachelor of Architecture degree from Lawrence Technical Institute, he designed and built his own 6,400 square foot residence in 1972, at the age of just 28.

And by built, we mean roll-up-your-sleeves construction as he was directly involved with every aspect of the house. He drove the bulldozer to excavate the land. He laid the block and field stone foundation. In short, he did it all, all the way to completion and the installation of the finish woodwork. By being on-site every day, he honed his craft, and had hands-on experience with every trade from the inside-out and the ground up. In 1974, he took all of his accumulated knowledge and founded DesRosiers Architects. The rest is history, but always with an eye on the future. Lou believes that his best is always yet to come. The next design, the next home will be the culmination of everything he has learned and experienced. 

Lou is a firm believer in and lover of nature and natural surroundings. Each of his award-winning residences features a unique and ownable view of the environment. In addition to the best design, finest materials and latest technologies, a DesRosiers home will include a unique take on the world around it. Lou is the visionary leader and guiding force behind DesRosiers Architects, a firm that has been awarded more than 200 major design awards and chronicled by leading architecture media.

Richard Chadwick, Chief Project Architect

Richard is the Chief Project Architect and an indispensable member of the team. He holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Michigan and is a Registered Architect. Prior to joining us, Richard worked for architectural firms in Montreal, Copenhagen, Vancouver and Detroit. He is also a nature advocate, having worked as a park planner for Huron Clinton Metroparks, where he initiated plans for the Detroit Riverwalk in 1976. 

Additionally, Richard has designed bike trails throughout the Metropark system and produced Master Plans for new park developments, in many surrounding area parks and recreational areas. Since joining DesRosiers Architects in 1988, Richard has contributed his design and project management experience that spans more than three decades.

Chris Tons, Project Architect

Chris brings more than 25 years of experience to the DesRosiers team. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan, holds a Masters of Architecture degree and is a Registered Architect in both California and Michigan. He worked at several high profile architecture firms in San Francisco and Colorado before returning to Michigan in 1995 to join DesRosiers Architects. 

Chris has a wealth of knowledge and experience in design, construction drawings and field work. He is responsible for design, construction cocuments, project construction phase and coordination.

Marc Phaneuf, Project Architect

Marc joined DesRosiers Architects in 1989, and brings more than 30 years of experience as a lead designer and renderer. He is also a prolific artist, modeler and multi-media specialist. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture, from Lawrence Technological University and is also a Registered Architect in the State of Michigan. Marc is a long time resident of Royal Oak, Michigan. 

Dan Dowling, Project Coordinator

Dan is an important member of the DesRosiers Architects team, and an asset to our clients in his role as project coordinator on our residential projects. He brings in-depth experience, having previously managed his own design and drafting firm. The applied knowledge he has gained in the field over twenty years in all phases of architecture is invaluable. Dan resides in Waterford, Michigan and enjoys spending time with his family.

Gigi Mileski, Office Manager

Gigi brings over 15 years business experience to the firm and serves the vital role of office manager facilitating daily operations, administration and accounting. Her background includes human resources and finance positions with General motors and working as a paralegal at Clark Hill International Law, building from her bachelors degree in business administration. When not in the office, Gigi loves spending time with her family, traveling and volunteering for nonprofits, especially animal charities.

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