Lake Michigan

The Lake Michigan House is more than a DesRosiers residence, it’s the DesRosiers residence. When firm founder Lou DesRosier and his wife JoJo were ready to build their dream home, they chose a modern, open concept overlooking Good Harbor Bay on the west coast of northern Michigan.

My lifelong goal was to have a house on Lake Michigan. The most enchanting part of the west coast of Michigan is the sunsets. They’re competitive with anywhere in the world, and for our own home we designed the whole structure around them. It was all about the view.

– Lou DesRosiers, Principal Architect

Situated perfectly within the surrounding landscape, the house is perched on a wooded bluff with the main living area facing due west to maximize views from every room. Apart from the unique, awe-inspiring perspectives, the concept was to utilize indigenous materials whenever possible with Fond du Lac stone from across the lake in Wisconsin and cedar from nearby.

Impeccably constructed, everything is mitered, centered and aligned. Always stressing horizontal lines, every detail was considered. In the great room, a curved arc of pure glass along the rear of the house utilizes butted glass to make you feel as if you’re outside and one with nature, yet you’re protected from the elements.

For his own home, Lou adhered to his long-held belief that human beings want to surround themselves with the things nature has always provided. Since day one, wood and stone are the materials the earth has offered for our shelters. And in this house, nature and all its bounties are the star of the show.

Detroit Home Magazine - July 2013

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Michigan Blue - January 2022

Timeless Style


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