Composed of Fond du Lac stone from Wisconsin and warm, cherry wood both inside and out, the Lahser House is a modern classic. But it’s the extensive use of glass throughout the home that makes it unique. With windows on three sides of the room, as well as a glass floor and balcony, the master suite feels as though it’s the world’s most elegant tree house.

 One of our trademarks, or what we’re most known for, are the views we create. Situated on the crest of a hill and amongst the trees, this house features so many unique vantage points, there’s even a large window in the master shower.
– Lou DesRosiers, Principal Architect

The master suite, complete with its glass floor overlooking the great room, is accessed by a pure, glass rail staircase and a series of bridges. Another bridge leads to the study and guest suites. The kitchen and dining area are open to each other and overlook the natural forested area. Three stories of glass face the woods at the back of the house.

It also has an internal, central courtyard with two stories of horizontal butted glass, which is a structural feat in the way it’s supported. Although clearly a residence with all the amenities, it feels like a contemporary museum. Considering the owner’s art collection, it could be more accurately described as a livable, art gallery.

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