Rochester Hills

The Rochester Hills House is a modern interpretation of the classic Cape Cod. True to the spirit of the original, it features cedar shingles and authentic fieldstone walls, but it adds the latest techniques and amenities. With an open layout and an indoor-outdoor pool that receives sun even during Michigan winters, this house is smart in every way.

 This family wanted to swim all year, so we designed the house around the pool with some very unique features that always make the experience rewarding and special.
– Richard Chadwick, Chief Project Architect

Imagined and constructed to best accommodate kids as they grow, this house is infinitely comfortable, but well done in every detail. The award-winning living room/great room features a breathtaking arched ceiling. The customary 45-degree roof slopes of a Cape Cod and the dormers are styled in a contemporary manner. Inside, the half-round dormers even include large, built-in daybeds.

Situated under the main level patio, the indoor-outdoor pool faces south and west allowing the sun to cascade in through the many windows. A glass floor on the patio allows more light from above, as well as allowing for views down into the pool below. Set on a large piece of forested land, this house is more of a retreat.

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