Luxury Wine Rooms and Cellar Trends

SEEN Magazine - July 2017
Luxury wine rooms, wine cellars and wine wall displays are today’s must-have home design trends.

By Susan Peck

Two distinct design genres are dominating the world of home wine cellars today: state-of-the-art contemporary, with elements like glass doors and walls, chrome, stainless steel and imported tile; and the traditional Old-World richness that includes arches, stained glass, stone and lots of rustic warm wood.

Lighting adds excitement to every wine room design, says Lou DesRosiers, president of DesRosiers Architects in Bloomfield Hills. “We are putting special LED lighting in wine cellars that not only showcases your wine collection but also has features that are unique and extraordinary like changing colors for seasons or holidays.”

Wine rooms have become multi-entertainment spaces to share wine and food, view sports or a movie, and have designated space as a cigar bar. “Today’s designs include things like counter space and seating, dual-mounted monitors and sound systems and other leisure areas,” said Detroit Home Design Award-winner DesRosiers.

According to the experts at custom wine cellar designers Wine Cellar Specialists, (available nationwide), tasting rooms built next to a climate-controlled wine cellar make for a perfect pairing.

“A tasting room is the perfect space to relax in a comfortable temperature, enjoy wine and charcuterie, and take in the view of your expertly curated [and much colder] wine cellar,” said Nancy Higgins, Best of Houzz award-winning designer at Wine Cellar Specialists.

For more limited spaces, smaller wine cabinets or coolers are being put in all throughout the home, according to Rosemary Hanaway of Extraordinary Works in Troy. “There’s not a room we haven’t put a wine cooler in, including the kitchen, master bedroom and bathroom, butler’s pantry and study,” she said.

Don’t forget to maximize spaces like under the staircase, a small nook or an unused closet to create an exceptional wine cellar that adds texture, style and intrigue to your home.

Elements like glass walls, walnut boxes for wine storage or a wet bar in these repurposed spaces help make the most of every inch of your home.

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