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Orchard Trail

  • This home went through an extensive renovation. The new design incorporated a very powerful horizontal theme executed in a sophisticated, minimalist style. The living room reinforces its role as a natural gathering place with a mesmerizing horizontal fireplace spanning the entire length of the Breccia travertine marble mantle and hearth. A massive 2-story masonry wall made of creme Fond Du Lac limestone provides a counterbalance to the Myrtle wood above the fireplace.

  • A bridge overlooks the living room which has flexible seating that can be rearranged for entertaining.

  • Shoji screens continue the horizontal design theme and conceal the bathrooms, closets and dressing areas.

  • The hidden storage and appliances are well placed and easily accessible.

  • A devout Spartan fan, the client was seeking an area to fully appreciate his team both past and present.

  • The slate surfaces and handcrafted wood lockers create an ideal place to recharge post-workout.

  • The Myrtle wood panel recedes to reveal a 50" flat-screen in the living room.

Square Footage
Orchard Lake, MI