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  • A residential pool was designed to be the primary focal point of this residence. As one walks from the foyer into the living room, they will catch a glimpse of the pool below through the 4’x4’ square glass floor panel beneath a 5’x5’ glass table centered at the sofa. At the rear of the living room, the marble floor ends but a glass floor continues for an additional 4-feet allowing guests to stand directly over the pool below. The concept is reminiscent of the Grand Canyon Skywalk or the Sears Tower “The Ledge” providing a unique experience for a residential home.

  • The rear living room wall is made of glass and stops short as the floor below extends housing the magnificent pool. The pool also contains a spa where edges run flush with the surface of the water. The pool room floor is made from large 24”x24” and 16”x24” porcelain tiles in a beautiful pattern. The room is surrounded in seamless glass walls where all adjacent rooms overlook the space.

  • The master bath shower is also a magnificent example of interior use of stone as the entire surface area is made of slabs of Silver Travertine.

  • Magnificent 50”x50” slabs of Emperador light marble is used as the flooring material for the entire main floor living areas. By using a consistent material throughout, it creates seamless transitions between the foyer, living room, dining room and kitchen. A massive 2-story masonry wall made of creme Fond Du Lac limestone provides height but also is a counterbalance to the large marble floor. The Fond Du Lac is split faced and hand chipped providing texture.

  • The floating stair treads of the staircase leading to the lower level of the home are also comprised of the same Emperador Light marble. Each tread has mitered corners and a thin 1” textured non-skid strip providing safety but does not take away from the beauty of the stone.

Square Footage
Bloomfield, MIchigan