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Island Lake

  • This contemporary brings the Far East to the Midwest. The low sloping, copper roof has an oriental influence with black slate wrapping the perimeter to create a dark shadow line reminiscnet of a Japanese temple. The home's interior serves as a gallery with custom insets and pedastals designed to showcase Asian artwork and other worldly treasures.

  • Indirect lighting illuminates the mahogany framed ceiling and mountain green Tunas granite floor below.

  • Mountain green Tunas granite pillars rise to the mahogany-beamed ceiling and celerestory windows.

  • Book matched figured mahogany with built in gallery shelving surround the custom carved limestone of the fireplace.

  • A showpiece painting cleverly raises into the ceiling to reveal the room's flatscreen television.

  • Limsetone and Fond du Lac stone frame the bronze tinted glass that blankets the rear of the home.

  • The floor-to-ceiling glass offers a panoramic view of the lake below.

Square Footage
West Bloomfield, MI