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Glen Arbor

  • This majestic Northern Michigan property warranted a home design that embraced the beauty of the surroundings. The result is the convergence of Twentieth Century Victorian style architecture with an expansive use of glass and a modern, open floor plan.

  • The living room features large expanses of bronze tinted glass, offering a seemingly boundless view.

  • Stepped plaster ceilings above the living room lead the eye into the second floor balcony.

  • A portal window resides at the summit of the stairs providing a lighthouse view of the lake below.

  • The main spiral staircase tower is centered within the home and capped by a circular skylight bringing in the sun's warming rays.

  • A two-story, curved viewing area rests in the corner of the master bedroom.

  • The fieldstone of the living room floor extends seamlessly onto the lakeside patio.

  • The natural materials of the home's exterior are framed by the forested backdrop.

  • The fieldstone walkways lead right to the water's edge.

Square Footage
Glen Arbor, MI - Lake Michigan Shoreline