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November/December 2006
Michigan Blue Magazine

Collective Memories – Important living spaces, are lit to re-kindle and inspire valued memories

By Lisa M. Jensen

Seasonal gatherings and homecomings inspire the warmest displays of affection. Winter’s most festive weeks also kindle the urge to display without humility our most treasured keepsakes and collectibles.

How to best show them off — and personally enjoy them — involves a little architectural artistry.

“We’ve always loved glass,” shared Beverly Wilkie, who resides with her husband Mark, and teenage son, Nate, on Commerce Lake in Commerce Township.

“Almost 20 years ago, my husband started buying perfume bottles for my birthday and our anniversary; we took it from there, looking for them at places like the Ann Arbor Art Fair or Pontiac’s Arts, Beats & Eats. We’ve bought a few on our travels to Europe — they do a very nice job with glass in Czechoslovakia.”

Bloomfield Hills-based, custom luxury home architect Lou DesRosiers, whose award-winning firm is renown for its enhancement of outdoor views, evaluates what homeowners look at inside of their favorite rooms with the same technically trained, artisan eye.

“The best lighting in my opinion occurs when everything is illuminated, but you don’t see the source of light,” he said. “Art and architecture is expressed. There is a wonderfully warm and inviting feel to a room. Natural light and the outdoors come in but share a functioning, aesthetic relationship with interior lighting design in a home.”

On these pages, treasured collections, as well as important living spaces, are lit to re-kindle and inspire valued memories.